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咨询、软件和验证服务可帮助实现 CSRD 合规性。

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CSRD 准备情况:充满信心地前进

Starting in 2024, the EU’s 澳门365bet《首页》官方体育登陆 v1.1.12 IOS版 will come into effect, imposing stricter disclosure requirements on companies regarding their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance compared to the existing Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). While companies currently reporting under NFRD will transition to CSRD when filing their 2024 financial year report, by 2028, over 50,000 companies with significant business in the EU, regardless of their headquarters’ location, will be obligated to disclose under CSRD.

UL Solutions、我们的 CSRD 咨询团队和 UL 360 可持续发展软件提供专家指导,帮助您顺利完成 CSRD 披露流程。无论您需要整个 CSRD 报告流程还是仅特定部分的帮助,我们都可以帮助您:

Icon of a hand choosing between yes and no options

Conducting ESG双重重要性评估s

Icon of a gear inside someone's mind

Strategizing about your sustainability goals, including targets and risk mitigation plans

Icon of two people standing behind a checkmark

Engaging with suppliers to understand their environmental and social impact

Icon of a computer with an upward trending line graph

Collecting the required ESG metrics across your organization

Factory icon

Calculating scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions

Icon of a hand holding a leaf

Setting carbon targets aligned with a 1.5-degree economy (e.g., approved by the Science Based Targets initiative)

Icon of a data report

Preparing the content of your ESG disclosure under CSRD, including both quantitative and qualitative data

Icon of a shield with a checkmark

Verifying your disclosure as required under CSRD*


*验证 projects are delivered independently of advisory services.


用于验证的 CSRD 合规时间表

Regulatory timeline for CSRD compliance


主动 CSRD 规划的 5 个关键优势

主动规划在帮助组织满足 CSRD 方面发挥着关键作用具有以下优势的要求:

  1. Anticipating regulatory changes: Staying up to date with evolving CSRD regulations is essential to identifying upcoming regulatory changes, assessing their potential impact and preparing for compliance in advance. 
  2. Resource allocation: Keeping compliant with CSRD regulations often demands significant resource allocation. Proactive planning helps to facilitate effective time, financial and personnel allocation for seamless integration of compliance practices into existing business practices. 
  3. Process streamlining: By proactively mapping out workflows, identifying bottlenecks and establishing clear responsibilities, companies can create efficient processes, including technology solutions to simplify data collection, analysis and reporting that support compliance efforts. 
  4. Risk mitigation: Noncompliance with CSRD regulations exposes companies to both financial and reputational risks. When you can identify and assess potential compliance risks, you can implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies that can help you avoid penalties and retain investor and public trust.
  5. Stakeholder engagement: Proactive planning encourages companies to engage with their investors, customers, employees and communities in a more meaningful way. By involving stakeholders in compliance efforts, companies can gain valuable insights, build transparency and foster trust-based relationships. 



UL 解决方案可以通过以下方式帮助您推进 CSRD 合规之旅:

CSRD 差距分析初步发现

对于已实施 ESG 计划但需要更好地了解如何使其计划与 CSRD 保持一致并概述的公司有利计划差距。


对没有 ESG 内部专业知识、没有范围 3 碳计划和没有完成 ESG 双重重要性评估的公司有利。

  • CSRD培训
  • ESG双重重要性评估
  • 碳计划
  • ESG关键绩效指标和方法
  • 领先的ESG数据收集软件


对了解与 CSRD 保持一致但需要解决方案支持的公司有利特定的 CSRD 主题。

  • ESG 性能基准
  • 使用 ESG 数据管理软件进行 ESG 系统差距分析
  • 将所有数据点收集到一个软件解决方案中,以简化 CSRD 报告
  • 跨所有指标进行验证和数据完整性检查,从而确保数据
  • 管理系统采购差距分析
  • 使用 UL 360 软件的 CSRD 数据准备工作流程
  • 将系统中的定量数据集与定性披露声明相结合,符合您业务的 CSRD / ESRS 要求
  • CSRD 可持续发展声明审查
  • ESG声明的第三方验证


通过与我们的领域专家合作,您将发现哪种软件包或组合最适合您公司的特定需求。尽早开始您的旅程有助于为更顺利的 CSRD 过渡铺平道路。



UL Solutions 提供专业的 CSRD 咨询服务及其屡获殊荣的 UL 360 软件,帮助您实现 CSRD 合规性。我们经验丰富的 CSRD 团队为您提供以下方面的指导:

Document icon with a checkmark

Compliance audits to identify areas of noncompliance, gaps in processes and potential risks that can proactively identify and rectify issues to help maintain a robust compliance framework.

Bar graph icon

Data management that offers accurate and comprehensive data collection and reporting to facilitate data gathering and analysis in order to implement data quality controls and maintain proper compliance documentation.

Webinar icon

Education and training that helps to ensure employees are well-informed, understand their compliance obligations and stay updated on emerging best practices.

Icon of two people shaking hands

Collaboration and external partnerships with globally-recognized industry experts to gain insights on CSRD compliance and the guidance to navigate the complex regulatory landscape effectively.


现在是创建强大的 CSRD 合规计划的时候了,该计划不仅满足监管义务,还表明您对道德实践、可持续发展和负责任的商业行为的承诺。


CSRD 合规保证时间表

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CSRD 咨询和软件服务销售sheet v3

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现在是创建强大的 CSRD 合规计划的时候了,该计划不仅满足监管义务,还表明您对道德实践、可持续发展和负责任的商业行为的承诺。

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